Monday, September 14, 2015

End of Summer DIY: Driftwood Art

Hey Everyone!

In this post I'm sharing our recent visit to the river where we explored some sand bars in search for driftwood. Summer is almost over so we're enjoying a few final trips out on the water before the weather cools down. For years, my family has collected driftwood from the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers and we've used them as unique home decor pieces. Although, driftwood isn't the only thing we've found on these rivers; 20 years ago my father found a Mastodon molar in Mississippi! Many of the existing pieces in my home have some of my grandfather's clay sculptures anchored onto them. You could say that he is definitely our inspiration for using driftwood as a unique statement piece. Now, the popularity has increased as driftwood seems to be making a major statement on Pinterest and other popular trend-setting websites. 

Here are of couple of pieces we've recently picked up:

This piece had a great look to it and I couldn't wait to make it into a tea light holder!

With a little help from the drill press, it was done in no time.

This piece of driftwood is a great-looking addition to the entertainment center. 

This was the largest piece we picked up. I love how it's asymmetrical and huge! It looks great on the living room wall.

Here are a couple of pieces by my grandfather...

He always new how to bring new life to an old piece of wood. My grandfather sculpted the birds and fish from Mississippi clay. 

I couldn't help but to snap a few pics while we were out on the water. 

A close-up of a dried-up mud pit. Even mud can be pretty :)

....and finally, my beautiful Momma and I managed to sneak in some shopping time at the end of this weekend! We are all set with our new fall vest/outfits! Can't wait for the cool weather!

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