Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pottery Barn - Inspired Wooden Whale Art

Check out my Pottery Barn - Inspired wall art!

My mom and I picked up a wooden whale at TJ Maxx and it didn't exactly fit the style of our backyard shop, so I repainted it to give it a more rustic, nautical look. 

Here's how I did it:

I sanded down the surface, getting rid of the paint and logo.

I started with the lightest color on the bottom and blend a soft grey.

For the top half, I used a dark blue and blended in a lighter blue.

To soften the midline, I roughly brushed the blue into the white portion.

I brushed a turquoise at the center of the whale along the dark and light midline. I then faded the turquoise upwards and downwards. 

I brushed a tan color throughout the dark and light layers to blend them together even more. Using a navy blue, I painted the tail a darker color. 

To make the definition on the tail fin, I used a tan/grey and lightly brushed upwards and into the curves. 

I spotted navy blue along the top ridge of the whale.

I blended the fin by using a tan, grey and grey/navy mixture. I then outlined the fin and mouth with the navy and dark grey. 


Share with me your inspired designs!

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