Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pottery Barn - Inspired Wooden Whale Art

Check out my Pottery Barn - Inspired wall art!

My mom and I picked up a wooden whale at TJ Maxx and it didn't exactly fit the style of our backyard shop, so I repainted it to give it a more rustic, nautical look. 

Here's how I did it:

I sanded down the surface, getting rid of the paint and logo.

I started with the lightest color on the bottom and blend a soft grey.

For the top half, I used a dark blue and blended in a lighter blue.

To soften the midline, I roughly brushed the blue into the white portion.

I brushed a turquoise at the center of the whale along the dark and light midline. I then faded the turquoise upwards and downwards. 

I brushed a tan color throughout the dark and light layers to blend them together even more. Using a navy blue, I painted the tail a darker color. 

To make the definition on the tail fin, I used a tan/grey and lightly brushed upwards and into the curves. 

I spotted navy blue along the top ridge of the whale.

I blended the fin by using a tan, grey and grey/navy mixture. I then outlined the fin and mouth with the navy and dark grey. 


Share with me your inspired designs!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

DIY: String Art

For those of you looking for a easy, affordable project that is little fuss and surprisingly relaxing, check this out:

I've seen many variations of this project on Pinterest but the more natural versions really fit my taste a little better. So, I chose to do a natural wood, tree string art that would go well with my home decor. You can try out this project using any color and wood combination. Honestly, the ideas are endless so be creative and have fun with it!

I found a couple of wood boards, string and wood nails on my last haul to use on this project.

What you'll need:

Wooden Board (I used Mix the Media boards from Hobby Lobby)
Wood Stain (optional)
Durable String
Super Glue (optional)

Note: I ended up using 1/2 ball of the string below and 1/2 box of common nails. I always buy extra materials, just in case. You can return the extra if you save the receipt!

You can also use this kind of string if you prefer color:

How I did it:

Clean off your wood surface. This would be when you would stain your wood surface if you are wanting a darker color and higher contrast with your colored string.

Print an outline of your design. Position the design on your wood surface. 

Using a hammer, position several nails on opposing sides of the design to temporarily hold it on the wood surface. 

Hammer the remaining nails around the outline of your design, keeping in mind that the closer the nails are to each other, the more detailed the outline. Straight-lined, geometric designs will require less nails while natural, curvy designs will require more. 

Tie an initial double-knot with your string on a corner nail. 

Outline the design with a single layer of string. To do this, loop the string around each nail before moving to the next. Once you've reached the initial nail again, secure the outline with a knot. 

Start pulling the string across the board in random, diagonal patterns. 

As you continue this pattern, the spaces of visible wood surface will become smaller. Look out for any nails that have not been wrapped at least twice. Occasionally, secure the string with a knot around a nail to make the wrapping easier and less likely for the string to unwrap itself. 

Once you've achieved the desired look, secure a final knot and trim the string at the end. Give each nail a final tap or two to even out the height of the nails and to further secure the string. If some of your nails slip in and out of the wood, you may try using some super glue or wood glue on the back side of the board if the nail point is exposed. This will prevent slipping. 

Total Cost:

Mix the Media Wooden Board  $12.99
Craft String  $5.99
Common Nails  $1.97

Have fun and be creative!!!

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Homegoods, Hobby Lobby Haul

Check out my latest haul from Homegoods and Hobby Lobby:


Textured, Trimmed Storage Box $12.99 
Elephant Utensil Urn $9.99
Ralph Lauren Geometric Rug $15.99
Serenity Decorative Citronella Candle $6.99
LED Candle Set $8.99
Black Metal Lanterns $12.99 ea.
Wooden Block Decorative Hook $5.99

Hobby Lobby:

Mix the Media Wood Boards $12.99 ea.
Craft String $5.99 ea.

I've been looking for a decorative hook to hang a towel or robe near my tub in the bathroom!

Can't wait to use these for decorations in the fall and winter!

I'm in love with this urn. It is a bit tall for most of my kitchen utensils so I'll some beans or pebbles at the bottom for the utensils to sit higher!

Check out how I use these craft materials here!

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