Saturday, May 3, 2014

Momma's Day

Hey Ya'll!

Mother's Day is right around the corner so today I'm sharing my gift idea that is sure to spoil your Mother. When coming up with the idea, I knew that I wanted to put together something that would help her relax. She's been working really hard lately and she deserves some "me" time. 

Here's what I came up with!

First, I found the Petunias. I've always bought my mom plants for Mother's Day. Every mother deserves flowers but if you're going to spend the money on flowers, why not buy plants. They last longer and these Petunias are annuals so they will bloom every spring in the yard for my Mom to enjoy. 
These three petunias cost $4.00 each which is better than flowers that only last a week.

Here's how I put the bucket together.
I found this galvanized bucket at Hobby Lobby. I love the rustic look.

I visited our local Akins Organic and Whole Foods to find some awesome spa/relaxation items.

These soaps smell AMAZING and they're 100% Pure and Organic

Bath Soaks, Scrub, Shower Creme, Soaps and Caramels.

I filled the bucket with newspaper. I thought it looked better than tissue paper. 

Tallest items first.

Fill the rest of the items...smallest towards the front.

I slipped a beautiful card in the back.

I laid down a brightly colored towel so that the dirt wouldn't get everywhere.

All set!

Hope you like it! Be sure to spoil your Momma 
this Saturday, she deserves it!

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