Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tips: Incredibly Vibrant Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!!

I'm sharing my secrets to creating incredibly vivid and gorgeous easter eggs!

Tip 1:

Vinegar, Yes I know, everyone using vinegar but here's my trick. When dissolving your color tablet, dissolve it in 1 TBSP vinegar, NOT WATER. Once dissolved completely and no fizzy bubbles are still coming up, add 1/4 cup of room-temp water.  THEN add ANOTHER TSBP of vinegar. This is the trick, a little more vinegar goes a long way.

Tip 2:

Colors, Colors, Colors! When you're choosing a dyeing kit, pick the one with the most color tablet choices. I use a standard kit that has 12 different color tablets. Red, Deep Orange, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Teal, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Pink. The more colors, the better! 

Tip 3:

Patience. Leave your eggs soaking for at least 20 min if not 30 min. This allows the vinegar-based dye to slowly absorb into the shell so that the egg retains it's color. If you want to experiment, try letting them dye for 20 minutes, remove them, let dry and dye again for another 20 minutes. 

Tip 4:

Rotate and repeat. If you want vibrant eggs with perfectly colored shells, then you'll want to follow this step. During the dyeing process, bubbles form on the outside of the egg preventing the dye from penetrating the shell. If these bubbles stay on the egg, you will end up with speckled eggs. {Some of mine turned out this way, as you can see above}. To avoid this effect, rotate your egg with a spoon OR swish the egg/dye mixture by moving your dyeing container in a circular motion, disrupting the bubbles. The more you do this, the smoother the color will be. My pink and red came out almost perfect!

My easter basket!!

Can't wait to use this container in my craft room!

Yummy goodies and beautiful pearl earrings!!

Have an awesome week!

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