Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring DIY: Citronella Candles

DIY: Citronella Votive Candles

You'll need:

2 Small Votive Containers
Soy Wax (16 oz)
8 drops Citronella Essential Oil
Candle Wicks w/ Metal Bases
Double Boiler Set-up


Prep your votive container. I chose some containers that I found in the Garden Decor section in Hobby Lobby. If your container is made for plants and it has a drainage hole, be sure to close the hole with tape/sealer or a plug.

In a double boiler, bring water to a boil and slowly melt the soy wax. {I chose Soy wax because it's environmentally friendly and it's easy to clean up. Paraffin wax leaves a residue that makes it difficult to remove from surfaces} Once the wax is completely melted, add 8 drops of Citronella. {more if you prefer} 

Dip the base of the wick in the melted wax and secure firmly to the bottom of the votive container. Let set completely, straightening the wick once it is set.

Gently pour the wax from your pot to the container, leaving about 1/4 to 3/4 inch of space at the top.

Let candle cool completely and trim the wick. You'll know its good when the wax has returned to a milky color. 

With the weather getting warmer, the bugs have returned in the South. This will be a welcome addition to the porch!

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