Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY: Repurposed Starbucks Bottles

 Happy Friday!!!

I am spending the day at home today, much like I did yesterday! Here in Northwest Arkansas, we have received ice and a TON of snow in the past two days! It's a good thing I grabbed some groceries because we are not going anywhere all weekend! Luckily, this gives me plenty of time to put together some Christmas posts. I have some craft/decor ideas along with some Holiday products that I want to share with you!

Today, I'm sharing how to repurpose Starbucks bottles.


Starbucks Bottles
Scrapbook paper
Glitter Snowflakes
Christmas Floral Stems
Spray Matte Finish
Floral Pliers
Paper Slicer
Glue Dots
Hot Glue Gun
Mini Bells

You can find Starbucks Frappuccino bottles at your local grocery store or gas station. I love these bottles because they're thick like old-fashioned milk bottles and they clean up easily.


1. Remove the stickers and glue residue from the glass bottles. You can let them soak in soapy water or use Goo Gone to clean them up. Once you have completely dried the bottles, spray several coats of matte finish on the outside of the bottles to give them a frosted look. Allow plenty of time for them to dry in between coats. 

2. Cut strips of scrapbook paper. I used a paper slicer to cut consistent strips. 

3. Apply a paper strip to each bottle using several glue dots for a clean look.

4. Cut long strips of twine (enough to wrap around each bottle several times along with a bow). Thread the twine through a snowflake so that it is at the center of the twine strip.

5. Apply the snowflake to the front and wrap the two ends of the twine around the bottle. Tie the two loose ends into a knot on the back of the bottle.

6. Attach a bell at the front of the snowflake with a small dot of hot glue. 

7. Using the floral pliers, cut the floral stems down so that they are the appropriate height for the bottles. If you only want a single stem in each bottle, use a dollop of hot glue to attach them securely to the inside of each bottle at the bottom. I bought my floral stems from Paul Michaels. Be sure to check out this awesome store here!

These are great anywhere that you need some height!! They have a great rustic look to add to any natural-themed decorations.

Be sure to check out the upcoming posts for more Holiday ideas!!

Thanks for reading!

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