Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas 2013 Items I love!

Hey Everyone!
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite items for this Holiday Season!

1. All-Purpose Light Clips Target $4.99

These clips are awesome especially if you live in a rental unit where the landlord doesn't like you nailing things into the roof. They are sturdy and inexpensive. For the price, I suggest grabbing the 100 count box. It's a better value than the smaller count box.

2. Wreath Storage Bag

I have 3 of these bags, 2-24" and 1-30" and I love them! They protect my wreaths without constricting them and they have a convenient handle which allows me to hang them up neatly on the garage wall. Super inexpensive! You will want one when you go to put away all of your decorations.

3. Gift Wrap Storage Bag
Target $10.99

I actually got this bag for 30% off!! I organizes all of my wrapping paper rolls into a neat and accessible place. Definitely a must-have!

4. Philips 200 ct Multi Heavy Duty Mini String Lights

Unlike the typical multi-colored christmas lights, these have 7 instead of 5 different colors. They have added orange and teal to the strand, along with a brighter yellow and deeper dark blue.
If you want a little fun in your christmas decor you should definitely give these a try!

**If you can find the "Remain-lit" strands, get them! They are really vibrant and more durable because the strand doesn't cut off when a couple of lights go out.

5. White Christmas Tree Plates and Mugs
Hobby Lobby Plates   $16.99 each
Mugs    $16.99 each
**All of the Christmas Decor was 50% off so it was all
about $70.00 total

I love the rustic look of these plates and mugs! All I need now are some bright red or green napkins to brighten up the table!

Let me know what your favorite items are this christmas!

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