Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Christmas Favorites


It's the day after Christmas and I know the retail stores are crazy out there so if you are braving the crowds, be careful!!! If not, I hope you are relaxing with your favorite people! 

During the holidays, I enjoy the gift-giving much more than I do the gift-receiving, especially THIS year! Next April my parents will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary so for their Christmas/Anniversary gift, I purchased them tickets to Washington D.C./Virginia. Fortunately, we have family there so they have a week full of adventures ahead of them (including a tour with my Aunt who works in the White House, a day in Gettysburg, and a visit to the various Smithsonian museums at the National Mall in D.C.) I am so excited for them!!! This was the highlight of my holidays!

Every year, I am spoiled in return by my family with wonderful gifts that I love! So in this post I am showing off a bit by sharing my absolute favorite gifts that I received this year! 

My mom and I got matching straighteners for each other LOL!

Fahrenheit straightener in Cobalt Ice.
It's rubberized on the outside for comfort and it features multiple heat settings.

Sephora by O.P.I collection! Can't wait to use these colors!

Rachael Ray Stoneware bowls. Great for serving and for cooking and I LOVE the green!

My brand new Stand Mixer!! *Excited Scream EEK!*
This beauty is in AQUA, an absolutely perfect color for me!
I cant wait to cut some patterns in vinyl to add to her!

She matches well with my mom's tangerine mixer :)

KitchenArt Spice Carousel
I am big on organization ESPECIALLY in the kitchen so this
is a perfect addition and it mounts under the cabinet for convenience.
AND it actually spins, so many carousels have trouble spinning or makes a noise, but
this one works really well!

Each seasoning dispenser has a sprinkle spout, a pour spout 
and a 1/4 tsp measuring switch to portion your spices for recipes. 

Owl mug for my office!

A picture of my lil man and a beautiful frame for my office!

My favorite perfume...if you want to try a new fragrance, give this one a try!

A new and beautiful Judith Ripka wrap watch! Something I've been wanting for a while.

Archipelago Candle "Snow".
I have a large collection of candles and this is by far
 one of my favorite scents!

My owl clock! I have it hanging in my craft room and it is so cute! The feather at the bottom swings like an old-style clock and the hands are adorable to look at!

Be sure to share your favorites from the Christmas Season!! 

Thanks for reading!

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