Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013 DIY: Captain America Costume

Hey Ya'll!!!

It's my favorite time of the year again and I'm so excited to share some projects that I've been working on.

For Halloween, I was able to dress up as a Superhero at work. This worked out perfectly for me because I'm a total nerd at heart! I knew I wanted to make a more feminine version so I decided to go with a simple costume and a tutu. Here's what it looks like!

...and here's how to make it...

You'll need:

Blue Tights
Blue and Red Felt
White Glittery Foam 
Blue Top (Mine is a $7 special from Target)
Blue Grosgrain Ribbon
White Tulle
Red Tulle

So Initially, I bought 100 yds of Red tulle and 25 yards of White tulle. HOWEVER, I ended up using about 200 yards of red and 75 yards of white.

1. Start by creating a bow with your ribbon. Then, at the end of the bow wrap the ribbon around your waist and cut. This gives you the proper length for both the tutu and it's attached bow at the end.

2. Cut your tulle into strips. Because tulle is difficult to cut in perfect strips, I suggest buying tulle in rolls instead of by the yard at the fabric store. This saves you time and you only have to cut the length instead of the width as well. To get the proper length, roll the tulle from your hip and down your leg. I chose a longer length because I'm tall and I wanted it to be appropriate for work. Once you have the length that you want DOUBLE IT! You want the strips to be twice as long as the length of the tutu so that you can slip knot them onto the ribbon.

3. Find the center of your ribbon.

4. Half each strip of tulle, forming a loop with your fingers. Feed the loop under the ribbon.

5. Pull the strips around the ribbon and through the loop. Pull into a tight knot.

6. Because I was using 2 colors, I created a pattern of three reds per every 1 white. Continue slip knotting the tulle strips until the tulle has wrapped around your waist. Bring the two ends of the tutu around your waist and tie a bow with the ribbon tails. 

7. For an accent piece, I used some remaining ribbon to make a bracelet. Cutting various circles out of felt and a star out of glittery foam, I formed the Captain America shield. I used superglue to attach the various layers to the ribbon. I also cut a larger star out of the glittery foam to stick to my shirt.

I think next year I'm going to add blue felt stars to my tutu.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I love son wants to be captain America and wants me to dress up too as a girl captain america...I'll give it a try and surprise him :)