Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Rack Up the Volunteer Hours on your Dental School Application

So when you're a full time student, studying for the DAT, or maybe even working, it's difficult to make time to volunteer. Volunteer hours are crucial on your Dental School Application so this is not a step that can be overlooked. Your best bet will be to focus on opportunities that are both related to dentistry and that are time permitting. These are some ideas I suggest

  • Notetaking: Look into your Educational programs at school. They often provide notetaking services for students that require additional help. At my university the Center for Educational Access did this. I jumped on the opportunity. For reimbursement you could select monetary compensation or volunteer hours. I chose the volunteer hours. It ended up being roughly 30 hours per credit. This is a perfect example of utilizing time well. I was already taking thorough notes, all I had to do was submit them weekly and by the end of the semester I had 90 hours of volunteer service.
  • Mission of Mercy: I volunteered for an event called ArMOM, Arkansas Mission of Mercy. It is an annual 2 day event where volunteers, dentists and assistants gather to provide dental services to those individuals that cannot afford it otherwise. Not only did this provide useful hours for my application but it was EXTREMELY rewarding! You also get to choose what it is that you want to do upon registration. Triage clerk, sterilization, assisting, x-ray, escort, etc. Mission of Mercy functions throughout the United States so I would advise you to check to see if an event will occur near you!
  • Free Dental Clinics: These clinics are often open at night and are provided by dentists who volunteer their time. Contact your local free clinic to schedule a time to come by and assist!
These are just a few ways you that you can gain valuable experience and hours for you dental school application! Let me know if you have some suggestions of your own! 

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