Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm Back!!!

I am so excited to be back! It has been forever and a day, I know. I apologize for skipping since FEBRUARY but I took care of some very important things in preparation for Dental School, like studying and taking the Dental Admissions Test. Now that it is done, I am finally able to relax a bit and enjoy this wonderful Fall weather we have been having! I am so excited for the holidays as I always am! Just a heads up as to what is to come....later I will be giving DAT advise along with some video how to's to help improve your score if you wish to apply to dental school, and today I will be posting a step by step tutorial on how to make Snowy Pine Cones for Christmas!! Check out my video on Youtube, it will help out a lot!

DIY Snowy Pine Cones
You need:
Pine Cones
White Acrylic Paint
Small Paint Brush
Elmers Glue
White Fine Glitter

1. First paint the outer tips of the pine cones.
2. Paint the spines of the pine cone inward just a bit as if snow had fallen into the cone.
3. Let Dry
4. Apply elmers glue to the outer tips only of the pine cone spines. 
5. Pour glitter onto the glue, dusting off any excess.
6. Let dry. (Approx 30 min)
You can use these pine cones any way you want during the holidays. I suggest in a glass hurricane so you can see them all piled up together.


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