Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Design Seeds Blog Makeover!

Hey bloggers!
Today I spent some much needed time getting rid of the Christmas color scheme and I designed something brand new! I used Design Seeds For All Who Love Color for inspiration. They have a ton of great color schemes that you can use for blog or website designs or even in your home. The color scheme I chose this time is...
"Ceramic Summer"

Using Design Seed is SUPER easy! Browse through various categories and when you find the scheme you love, scroll over the separate colors and it will give you the HTML color code for each. If you are redesigning your blogger site...copy and paste the code in the template designer. TA DA!!
Oh! I almost forgot! Here's the background I chose...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Update! HydraCoach Review!

Hello Everyone! I realize it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post! I have been busy preparing for school, studying for the DAT and enjoying what is left of my break. School starts this Tuesday and the anxiousness is beginning to set in. Especially when you don't want break to end yet you're so ready to be back in a routine. I have much to share with you in the upcoming posts to make up for my absence! Recently, my Best Friend Kacee has been helping me with my makeup. It sounds kind of silly but she comes to me for craft problems and I come to her for makeup problems haha! However, being on a budget, I would much rather spend my money at Hobby Lobby than at Ulta, Sephora or some other expensive beauty store. So I plan to share some tips and ideas with you regarding how to purchase quality products on a budget. With her help I will also share what colors work best, especially since she has red hair and pale skin and I have brown hair and olive skin. Be sure to look out for beauty tips regarding those and I will definitely be featuring some videos and suggesting YouTube videos to follow for more help! I will also be sharing two review/How to videos on the Baby Cakes Mini Cupcake Maker and the Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker. I know, I know! I promised to review them right after Christmas but I only just bought the Cake Pop Maker after falling in love with the Cupcake Maker. No matter, I will definitely share both videos and share some techniques!

For this post, I will share another product I have from Christmas! I received a HydraCoach water bottle from my parents and I wanted to talk about that and do a small review. I have never really been a water drinker. Yes, I drank water when I would workout and every once in a while, but mostly I was a Diet Coke drinker. I wasn't addicted to Diet Coke but it was just what I preferred. I would say on average I would have two a day, maybe 3 or 4 if I needed the extra caffeine for school (otherwise I would drink coffee or tea). The main reason I drank Diet Coke was because I often felt drowsy or weak during school and it had no sugar so I didn't have to worry about it. I did start to experience headaches everyday at around 2 PM and after I emptied out our recycle trash of 5 various cardboard coke boxes I decided it was time to take a break. My HydraCoach was just the push I needed!! I started on December 27th and made a goal for myself. For optimum health, you are supposed to drink 8-8 oz glasses of water or if you count that out on your fingers, 64 OUNCES of water!!! Who drinks that much?!?! I certainly don't! So I made a goal for myself, 44 ounces. I'm not sure why 44 but it seemed like a good, fair number and I began to drink water everyday. 
If you have never heard of the HydraCoach it looks like this...
These awesome bottles have a digital screen with 3 modes. You can program your goal (44 ounces) and then the date and hour. Based on this info, the bottle will register how much water you drink, per hour and in ounces. It also calculates the percent of your goal that you have reached. 
These are my results!
Date  Ounces Oz/Hour Percent
27-Dec 38 3.7 86.4
28-Dec 36 3.3 81.8
29-Dec 34 3.6 77.3
30-Dec 37 3.8 84.1
31-Dec 42 3.9 95.5
1-Jan 36 3.5 81.8
2-Jan 32 3.1 72.7
3-Jan 33 2.9 75
4-Jan 46 4.2 105
5-Jan 31 2.6 70.5
6-Jan 36 3.3 81.8
7-Jan 26 1.4 59.1
8-Jan 32 3.7 72.7
9-Jan 35 3.1 79.5
10-Jan 37 3.5 84.1
11-Jan 40 4.1 90.9
12-Jan 35 3 79.5
13-Jan 37 3.5 84.1
14-Jan 35 3.7 79.5
I guess you could say that drinking more water is my New Years Resolution and so far it has done WONDERS for me!!! I have had more energy and more drive during the day and my headaches have gone away. In fact, the only headache I have suffered was on January 7th. I had a busy start to my day and had little time to drink my water. Once my headache set in, it took 20 minutes into drinking water to make it go away WITHOUT aspirin. So basically, I have been dehydrating myself. Yes, it gets a little boring but I drink really cold water and for a change I may have a small cup of hot tea in the morning. It gives me that extra boost without making me feel terrible. Once school starts, I imagine I will sometimes need a little more caffeine but as long as water is my main drink and a diet coke is in moderation, I can keep my goal! If you are having these issues, you should definitely give the HydraCoach a try...its super easy to get started and the results are so worth it! Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

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