Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday! We celebrated with family, ate food, ate food and ate some more food! Haha! The puppies were happy with their stockings filled with treats and toys. My Dad was so surprised with his stocking that my mom and I made...mostly my mom! We had a ton of presents this morning and there was definitely a MESS in the living room! haha Here are the pictures!! Enjoy!

Our Christmas Tree!

Bourbon Brie Bites

Marinated Cheese

Beef Tenderloin

The "project" Mom and I were working on (mostly mom). Dad wanted a stocking to match mom's but we couldn't find one so we just made it! Dad LOVES it!!!

The puppies were happy!

Me and my baby!

I got a ton of fun craft and baking gifts! Reviews and tutorials coming!!

Mom unwrapping her stocking.


Mom's new cookware!

Dad's stocking

Mom's stocking on the left and Dad's on the right.

Piper's new cage.

Mom enjoying all of her new cookware!

William Sonoma Foccacia Stuffing with Sage Sausage

Sleepy Jackson

Tommy setting up the GPS

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