Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 Days 'til Christmas!!

Well it's day 2 of my Christmas project far so good! 
Today's post is a project that I worked on with my dad!
This time last year Jackson was given to me at just 9 weeks old. This year my parents have their own puppy so we decided to make personalized stockings. I found a stocking for Jackson at Hobby Lobby and instead of getting a dog stocking or one in the shape of a bone I got a boy's stocking that actually looks like a hoodie turned into a stocking. It was so cute that I couldn't resist and my dad ended up getting one just like it but in a different color. Since we wanted to personalize them we bought a couple of star bells and some iron-on lettering. Check out the pictures below to learn how we did it! Enjoy!

You will need: A needle, thread, an iron, stockings, star bells and iron-on lettering.

Cut out each letter you want to use.

For this brand of Iron-on's DON'T follow this picture. I thought that like other iron-on's the backing would peel off after the iron was applied. That's not the case for these. You peel them off like stickers and place them on the stocking. The iron will secure their position.

Heat your iron to medium heat.

We carefully placed a towel over the letters and then applied the iron so the stocking itself would not overheat and melt. The stockings were polyester.

Once the letters are secure you can begin looping your stars where you want them. Loop treads through the top of the star in the same place on the stocking. This will secure the bell and allow it to move a little as well.

They're done!! Aren't they cute! Can't wait to fill these with puppy goodies for our lil boys!!

Today I'm Listening To:
The Christmas Song by: Nat King Cole

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