Friday, December 9, 2011

20 Days til Christmas!!

Hey everyone! I know!! I fell behind! This week was so stressful!
I had 5 exams in 3 days and needless to say I had zero time for anything else. 
But I'm back and I am continuing where I left off. I am posting tonight and hopefully I can get back on track!
It's so nice to finally relax. So here it goes...
I promised to share photos of my parents decorations. ENJOY!

Mom and I decorated after a little shopping! LOVE shopping with my Momma!

We have to lay out everything first. We have a ton of ornaments...maybe too many haha

Finishing only took us three hours for the tree haha

Dad's homemade trees! Everyone always asks him to make more for them.

The back mantle. The puppy has a little something in his stocking :D

The front mantle

The puppy started to chew on the presents so my mom put them on the table. haha

Our jester decorating the tree.

How cute are these?! They have magnetic lips haha

Dad's wreath from the inside.

Today I'm Listening To:
Santa Baby by: Eartha Kitt

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