Friday, December 9, 2011

19 Days 'Til Christmas!!

I LOVE ABC family's Christmas movie marathons! Cozying up on the couch with some hot cocoa and Christmas movies is my favorite relaxation time! Are you planning any parties soon?? I have some awesome ideas to share! These are especially great for girl's night! Here are some fun crafts and games for Christmas's a great way to get together and celebrate the holidays! :) 

The Christmas Song game! I first played this game a few years ago and had a blast! It's a great way to have a little friendly competition. You can set a timer and count who figured out the most songs or see who can figure out all of them first! Be sure to have a little prize for the winner! Leave me a comment and I'll send you the song key! :D

Decorate cookies!

Make a mix in a jar...cookie, cake and hot cocoa mixes are just a few great ideas! 
These are your take home party favors!

The traditional Secret Santa :D

Make your own ornaments! You can buy empty clear plastic ornaments at Hobby Lobby or at your local craft store. Fill them with whatever you like...fake snow, glitter, pearls, ribbon, pom poms, confetti...etc. Use a soft ribbon to hang the ornament.

Give Back!!

Each guest brings a toy for a child and everyone wraps their gift together. Collect your wrapped gifts and donate to the local toy drive! Be sure to indicate if your toy is for a boy or girl.

Each guest brings a few canned or dried food items. Collect them and donate to a local canned food drive!

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It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas by: Michael Buble

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