Monday, December 12, 2011

18 Days Til Christmas!!

Hey Everyone, I'm still trying to catch up!
Here's a Pinterest Project I tried and it turned out pretty well. Enjoy!
Cinnamon Stick Candles
Cinnamon Sticks (Hobby Lobby) & 2 Pillar Candles

I had my doubts with the hot glue and candle wax but I wanted to try...and I was right!
The hot glue did not adhere to the candles so I suggest using a multipurpose glue and 
rubber bands around the candles until the glue has dried.

Peel Plastic (if any) off of candle.

If you have any nicks in your candles, try this...

Touch a flame to the nick until the wax slightly melts.

Once the wax solidifies, your nick is gone! :D

Put cinnamon sticks in piles by length.

Add each stick one by one.

...until all sides of candles are covered.
I LOVE mine! SO Festive!

Today I'm Listening To:
Do You Hear What I Hear by: Martina McBride

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