Monday, December 12, 2011

17 Days 'Til Christmas!!

I LOVE driving out to see the Christmas Lights and tomorrow we are going to the town square. Every year workers start on November 1 and spend the entire month decorating the square. It is so beautiful! I will have to post pictures for sure! When we visit my parents, we always take the drive around the huge neighborhood on the hill. The lights on the hill are so awesome and I will definitely post those pictures as well! It's getting close to Christmas and it reminds when of the year my friends and I had a Christmas Scavenger Hunt. We put together teams and walked on either side of the street. Ringing doorbells and asking for random items. It was COLD but it was a blast! This is a wonderful idea if you are looking for activities for children!
Here's the list! Enjoy!

Today I'm Listening To:
White Christmas by Michael Buble

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