Sunday, December 18, 2011

11 Days 'Til Christmas!!

Hey Everyone!!! Christmas is getting close and I fell behind AGAIN BUT my finals are 
over so the uphill battle is finished and it's time to relax!! I have a ton of recipes to share over the 
next couple of posts so stay tuned!! Today's post is a gift idea that is great if you love to share recipes 
with friends! I came up with this idea when I was planning all of my edible gift ideas. I love 
to bake and cook and share yummy edible gifts with family and friends and I often get requests 
for the recipes at the end of the Holiday Season. If you wish to share them (you can always keep 
them to yourself as a secret weapon :D ) you can put them together like I do.

Recipe Album

What You'll Need:
*Photo Album (w/ 4" x 6" photo inserts)
I got my album from TJ MAXX, you can buy them at your local 
craft store if you wish to decorate them yourself
*4" x 6" Recipe Cards (I use Wilton)
* Photos (optional)
*Markers or Pens
*Embellishments (for your album if it is not decorated)

Fill your recipe cards with your favorite recipes!

Insert recipe cards into photo inserts. (You can even add your favorite 
photos of you and the friend that is receiving the gift)
Also, add some memos if you have available spots like I do!

If you can't fill the entire album, add a package of recipe card "refills" for your 
friend in the back so they can continue the book with their own recipes!
If you have a simple album, this is the time to decorate it. Decorating before you 
insert your recipes may mess up some things on the outside.

You're Done! Add a few homemade gifts or just snag some yummy goods from TJ MAXX. 
You can find a ton of gourmet goodies at TJ MAXX for a bargain! 
(They even make great stocking stuffers!) ENJOY!

Today I'm Listening To:
White Christmas by Bing Crosby

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