Wednesday, November 30, 2011

25 Days 'til Christmas!!

Hey Everyone!!!
Today is the day!!!
My 25 days of Christmas project starts and I am so excited about all the craft ideas and recipes I have to share with you! Hoping all goes well, I will have a post for every day until Christmas day...I do have finals coming up so I'll cross my fingers. haha Today I am starting with christmas decorations of course! Thought I'd share how I decorate my apartment. I'll follow up later with some pictures from my parents house! My mom always does a beautiful job! Enjoy!

By weaving a 50 count light strand into the decor above the cabinets it lit up the kitchen really well.
We are so excited and slowly our present pile is building up under the tree...just need to add some bows! We'll see if Jackson can make it until christmas before digging into these. He LOVES to chew presents lol

Walmart has a ton of great ornaments especially if you are starting your own tree like I was this time last year. For a small price you can build up your ornament collection in no time. It's also a good idea to hit up Hobby Lobby when they have sales on Christmas decor and ornaments which has been every week this month. 

We used a set of 2 pre-lit garland from Walmart ($12)for the entertainment center. We doubled up the two strands of garland into one and wove the garland in and out of the tv, speakers and whatever else. The lights on the garland do not distract your tv viewing experience AS LONG AS the lights are not blinking.

This is Jackson's favorite spot...even in 20-30 degree temperatures that we have been having lately at night.We used 10 inch zip ties to tie the icicles to the balcony.

Today I'm Listening to:
Let It Snow by Michael Buble

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