Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Frankenstein Munch!

Happy Tuesday!! T-minus 6 days until Halloween!! Do you have everything ready?! Costumes, decorations, pumpkins?? :D I'm super excited about this weekend so of course this week is going by at the fast pace of a crawl... nevertheless I've worked on a little project that I'd like to share. It's super easy and a great gift or party favor for Halloween.

Frankenstein Munch in Metal Tins

How To: Halloween Metal Tins
You will need:
Colored Metal Tins (You can find these at Hobby Lobby or Walmart)
Black and White Paint Pens
Clear Glaze Spray

Paint faces onto the metal tins using Painters paint markers.

Spray clear glaze on tins outside and let dry.
This is ESSENTIAL!! Paint markers are acrylic paints so they don't adhere to metal. 
A clear glaze will prevent them from scratching off!

How To: Frankenstein Munch
You will need:
A bag of Pretzels
Vanilla Almond Bark
Food Coloring
Halloween Sprinkles

I wanted my three colors to be white, green and purple. 
You can also do yellow, orange and white if you want.
To do this break your almond bark into 3 sections.

Split your pretzels into 3 bowls as well.

In a double boiler, slowly melt you almond bark under low heat until smooth. 
Shaving/chopping the bark ensures even melting.

Once the bark has melted smoothly, color can be added. 
Be careful not to over stir the bark...too much whipping will make the bark thick!

Dip you pretzels in the almond bark, and place on wax paper to cool. 
Add sprinkles before the bark sets up. Let cool until the bark solidifies.
You're done!!

Here are some that I made with fall sprinkles and chocolate jimmies!
You can make these pretzels for any holiday!!
I like to make them at Christmas, but I use chocolate almond bark instead!


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