Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recycled Candles!

Hey Bloggers!! I hope that everyone's weather is as WONDERFUL as ours is! It has been in the 70's all week and this morning I actually had to put on my fleece to take Jackson outside. It was around 50 degrees! Brrr! It may not officially be fall yet but it certainly feels like it and I love it! In between school, I have been organizing ideas for fall and Christmas! (It's never too early :D ) I have plenty of crafts and recipes lined up so stayed tuned for those! My video editing software has been down lately so I haven't been able to post any recent videos on my YouTube account, but please feel free to stop by and I would love to here suggestions for future videos and tutorials.
Today, I am posting my recycled candles that I worked on earlier this week. This craft is a fun way to reuse any leftover wax you may have around the house. I had a soy candle that had broken out of the glass so I salvaged the wax to use later. The other candle was just a typical paraffin column candle and the wick had either broken off or stopped lighting. I just cut up the leftover wax into pieces and stored it in sealed mason jars until I was ready to use them.
Keep up with the names of each candle just in case you decide to label them later!

I found these glass containers at Michaels. The lids make for a perfect container if you make any candles for gifts.

You will need a pack of wicks and some glue. I used a multi-purpose fusion glue to seal the wicks to the bottom of the containers.

Straighten out your wick.

Adhere the wicks to the center of the container bottoms.
Heat the wax in slow boiling water but be sure you don't let the jar sit on the bottom of the pot. When the jar itself starts to get hot, use tongs or a pair of oven mitts to hold it in the water.

You're ready to go!

Be sure to carefully pour your wax into a container over paper.

Straighten you wick if needed

Cut your wicks down once the wax dries!

You're done!

Enjoy them for yourself or gift them!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
1) Soy candles vs Paraffin candles: Soy candles are MUCH better than paraffin. They are easier to work with because they are softer and it is easier to clean up your work station, jars and any other utensils you use for the craft. Paraffin sticks to everything! You can even tell how much smoother the blue soy candle is in comparison to the green paraffin candle. Soy candles are actually better for the environment. They burn cleaner and don't give off soot like Paraffin keep that in mind!!
2) Mason jars are a great way to store wax and heat it up when transferring so when at all possible, stock up on some mason jars!
3) When pouring the hot wax, be sure that your new container is in a location where it can cool. If you move the container with hot wax in it, it will cause unwanted residue on the edges. Keeping the containers still will make a clean layer of wax.
4)After the wax sets, THEN cut down the wick. You never know how much wick you will need until the wax is poured.

It's that easy! I definitely want to experiment with layering different fragrances but for right now it's the simple candles. I hope you use this trick to make your candles last a little longer in your home! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! Enjoy!

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