Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday, Sun and Sperrys!

It's the weekend!!... and THANK GOODNESS! Today's blog is just a bit of everything! On Friday I finally got my new shoes in the mail and I LOVE THEM!!! They're Leopard Sperry Angelfish and man are they cute! As a college student and a woman with a height of 6 feet...I don't often add to my closet nor do I find many shoes my size. Needless to say I'm pretty stoaked! HAHA :D Today we definitely soaked up the sun at the lake....after 8 hours we are exhausted! There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house, taking a shower and relaxing after a big day on the water. On this weekend's trip we took my best friend Kacee. It was her first time to go out on the lake with us since we bought our boat two years ago. We had a pretty successful day considering she is a red-head with ivory skin and we managed to enjoy the sun without any sunburns. The heat has definitely peaked in the South. My dashboard today read 121F......YIKES!!!! I'm looking for my next craft to avoid the heat. Any suggestions?? Let me know! :D Enjoy!
Aren't they adorable!

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