Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mischief Managed!

Hey again!! This weekend was quite eventful! On Friday, my Best Friend of 10 years finally got braces now that she is able to finance them on her own. She's only 21 years old, so that's pretty impressive to me! On Saturday, we spent time at my parents and decided not to go to the lake because of a blue algae scare. Instead we went to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II. As a reader of all 7 books I was thoroughly satisfied with the way the movies depicted the literature and I was especially pleased with how well they concluded the series!! It was definitely bittersweet. I remember the first two HP films opening on my 12th and 13th birthdays so we had an opening night movie viewing/camping slumber party (back when taking a bunch of girls to the movie didn't require you to take out a second mortgage.) Haha Well it's the end of an era, but I still want to revisit Harry Potter world in Orlando, have some more Butterbeer and stay up late watching ABC Family's Harry Potter marathons. :) Until then, Nicholas Sparks it is! Orders went out this weekend so don't hesitate to ask about any special canvas or magnet orders. I've included some pictures! Enjoy!
Magnet orders going out!! Place your customized request today!!
Canvas and Magnet orders!
Customized Black/White Flower Canvas with Name

Jackson is always worn out after a weekend at the Grandparents!! :D  So sweet!

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