Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magnet Love!

Wow! It's been a busy week! The sun is definitely cooking here in the South. When we're not on the lake, I'm staying cool and enjoying craft time, especially with my momma!! This week we made flat backed marble magnets! They are so easy to make and definitely a favorite of mine. Today, I wanted to share some of our craft time photos and put together a tutorial. To start you need a few items:
Jumbo Gems... they're about 1 1/2" in diameter.

I use Marble accents from JoAnns Fabric store. For about $2.00, you get roughly 2 dozen gems.

Mod Podge (Gloss) 

Hot glue gun and small circular magnets.

Scrapbook paper of your choice. I suggest small repetitive patterns. Tip: I purchased the gems first at Joann's and took one with me to Hobby Lobby to see which paper looked best with it. I would also suggest vibrant and bold colors because they show up better through the gem than pale colored paper.
Scissors and a flat paint brush.

First, you need to trace the marble on the scrapbook paper. (make sure you angle the pencil under the marble so you don't have extra paper around the edges.) Note: Marble Accent Jumbo Gems are not identical. They are oval/circular shape in general but each have their own individual grooves so be sure you cut your paper according to each gem. Otherwise I would suggest buying gems that are more uniform.
Once you have your scrapbook paper cut out, "paint" a thin layer of mod podge with your paint brush on the face up side of the paper and seal to the back of the marble. Be sure to press firmly to seal all of the edges and smooth out any pockets of glue.
The Mod Podge only takes a few minutes to dry. Once this is done you can add your magnet. Add a small dot of  hot glue to the back of the magnet and attach to the center of the gem. Be sure not to add too much hot glue if you want a clean magnet on the back.
The hot glue only takes a few minutes as well and you are ready to put them on your fridge! 
Experiment with different patterns. You might find a paper with a specific repeating pattern. Try centering the pattern on the gem and then on some others offset the pattern. You might find that the abstract look is more appealing. I hope you find this craft as enjoyable and EASY as we did! Thanks Mom! Enjoy!

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