Monday, June 13, 2011

River Rocks!

Today I was looking to spice up one of the tables in my living room and I found these river stones at Hobby Lobby. The majority of the decor in my home is Southern inspired; driftwood, clay sculptures, decorated gourds, wood framed artwork, etc. I've only used solid black stones for a candle holder but I LOVE the idea of the multi color rocks. $2.99 for 3 lbs!
These neutral rocks work great for any color scheme in your home. I even found great ways to use them. Of course you can fill a glass with them and make a candle holder but here are some other great ideas. They make great frames, gifts, vases, placemats, drawer knobs and centerpieces. Let me know if you come up with some ideas of your own, I'm definitely trying these myself! Enjoy!


  1. They are definitely my favorite fish tank find. I especially enjoy the black river rocks.

  2. ...and I bet they are so much easy to clean than the smaller pebbles!