Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paisley Love!!!

Hello again! So today I finished a project that I've been working on for a little bit. I have a huge obsession for Vera Bradley, ESPECIALLY paisley patterns. This is my second paisley canvas that I have done and they are not easy. They take some time since there is so much detail, but it's worth it! This canvas is a 16" x 20" and my first was just a 12" x 12". Needless to say this was a much larger project and I played around with the colors more this time. The color scheme is vibrant so in the future I plan on doing more subtle color schemes like I did with the first but it was definitely fun to experiment. Unfortunately, the pictures don't do the art justice but it will do for now! If you have any canvas art that you are working on, fill free to comment and I will be glad to feature you! Btw in case you couldn't tell I like green and blue! haha Enjoy!
My First Paisley Canvas:
Turquoise Layered Paisley (12" x 12")

If you are interested in paisley art and you don't have a vinyl cutter such as a Silhouette machine, you can find paisley templates online. I used templates to keep the general outer shapes the same size and the I had hand drawn the details for each one.

Progress Picture 2

Progress Picture 3

Done for the most part, just a few touch-ups.

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