Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's Get Organized!

I LOVE arts and crafts! I always have a project going whether it's painting, scrapbooking, decorating, whatever but that doesn't mean that my supplies are organized. There are so many great ways to keep craft supplies or even everyday items in neat containers around the house without relying solely on clear plastic containers. Here are just a few ideas that can keep your things neat and tidy while still being accessible.

You can find this cute storage box at a crafts or home accents store such as Hobby Lobby. So many of my photos have been damaged by storing them in clear containers or up in the attic. Heat and sunlight can deteriorate photos. This box is the perfect solution and its cute fabric cover lets you store it in your closet, storage room or even out in the open on a table or mantle. You can use it to store receipts, bills, and recipes as well!

Experimenting with jars of varying sizes and shapes can spice up your shelves. The latest trend in jar storage is shelf mounting. What a great idea! By mounting jars under a shelf you utilize so much space and your supplies are handy when you need them. To ensure your jars don't come crashing down I suggest pre-drilling a hole in each jar lid then using short wood screws to secure them into the underside of the shelf. Be sure to compare the thickness of your shelf with your wood screw so that you dont have any screws poking through the other

I found this spice rack at Instead of storing spices, you can store clips, pins, buttons, ribbons, etc. The clear tops make it easy to see the contents.

Fill open shelf spaces with assorted bins. You can find woven baskets like these or  fabric lined bins to bring some color to your shelf. If you have an oddly shaped area, measure the space and find the right bin to utilize the space. File folders work well for tall areas.

I love reading and my book collection is steadily growing. If you have a collection of books in your home that you enjoy displaying try this creative trick. Arrange the spines of the books according to the color spectrum. By organizing based on color the shelf will brighten your room.

There are endless possibilities and ways to organize your supplies and items in the house. Try different containers to fill multiple spaces. Keep in mind, the items you use less often should be stored higher in closed containers and organized into groups. Things you use frequently should be on middle to lower shelves, in open containers to access them easily. Smaller items like pens and buttons should be on the bottom shelves or at table height. This will prevent frustration when working on your favorite craft. Enjoy!

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