Friday, June 10, 2011

Time to Party!

Goodbye Thursday and man was it HOT. It just makes me want to lay by the pool and relax or even better have a pool party. I thought I would share some cute ideas for hosting a party by the pool that is more sophisticated than the typical Luau. These ideas are perfect for an adults only get together.

Timing is everything! Especially when the heat keeps you from enjoying the outdoors. Plan your pool party for mid afternoon (3:00 or 4:00 PM). This will allow the party to continue on into the evening. Summer night swims mean you can swim without getting burnt to a crisp and also give a cool setting with the right lighting.

Lighting around the pool creates a cool atmosphere at any outdoor party. String lights are inexpensive and can be used all year round and for any occasion. I would suggest metal lights if you plan on leaving them up for the summer. Paper lanterns even under patios can be damaged by rain and winds. You can even get colored metal lights like these that I found at

For extra color you can add paper lanterns in varying sizes and colors.If you choose colored metal string lights go with white lanterns and if you decide to go with dark metal string lights, use bright vibrant colored paper lanterns. This will keep your colors from clashing.

These cute pots are a great way to decorate tables. Krylon outdoor paint helps personalize according to your party colors. Fill the pots with whatever flower or plant you wish. Shells and seastars add to the pool theme.
Cintronella candles are great to keep the bugs off your guests and they smell good, too! Citrus scented citronella candles will make your party comfortable. You're not limited to the OFF! brand either. You can find decorative citronella candles at your local Home/Garden store.

Another great party idea that can be used all year is a personalized ice bucket. With a metal bucket, you can add vinyl lettering to say whatever you want it to; your last name, your last initial, a quote, etc. If you want the bucket to have a little extra you can spray the exterior areas with Krylon metal primer then applying whatever color you wish with Krylon outdoor spray paint. Once dry the vinyl letters can still be added to the side of the bucket. Outdoor sprays help resist weathering. If you choose not to store ice in the bucket you can store dry towels, sunscreen and even toys in it.
Silver plastic cutlery and plastic margarita cups are inexpensive and fun ways to spice up your party. Silver cutlery looks like real silverware but it's actually plastic, fun ideas for guests to use. Plastic margarita cups let you have your favorite summer drinks but in safe cups that keep broken glass out of your pool. 

Food and drinks are completely up to you so be creative. Steak and chicken skewers, fruit and cheese platters and fruity coctails are always a hit so experiment with those. These are very simple ideas that let you think out of the box and make your party unique! Enjoy! 

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